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Welcome to BADHealth

This website is designed for you; the young people of Barking and Dagenham, to be your very own life guide, with sign posts throughout the site to kick start your journey into a happier, healthier future!

Packed with ideas, web links, help lines and useful tips for getting the best out of life this website will undoubtedly become a firm favourite.

Whether it’s relationship advice, help with money or healthy eating tips you’re after, it’s all on here! So take a look around, give the game a go... and tell all your mates what a great site you’ve found!


Find out more about relationship violence and how it affects young people

A new booklet has been introduced in Barking and Dagenham highlighting the issues and importance of tackling relationship violence.

It's called How to help your mates and gives advice for young people who think someone they know is a victim of relationship violence. Take a look at the leaflet here.



You can also read more about this topic in the Facts about Domestic Violence page.

Play the BAD Health game!

Leon and Katie have arrived to put your healthy eating knowledge to the test. The game takes you on a trip through town with lots of food to choose from as you travel.

Eat up the healthy stuff to bump up your points and don’t forget to dodge those fatty, sugary treats such as hamburgers and chocolate bars. The healthier you get the faster you become, and the more treats you scoff the slower you’ll go.

There are currently two levels to complete with lots of obstacles to overcome such as pensioners in mobility buggies, a pesky set of frogs to cross in level 1 and a giant hotdog to dodge in level 2.

Good luck on your healthy eating quest and remember the faster you complete the levels, the more likely you are to snag a place on the high score board. So make sure you have a go!

JobsMoneyMoneyHealthy EatingPregnancyKnowing Your RightsObesityPhysical ActivityEye CareDepressionCrimeAlcoholDrugsSmokingCancer AwareFoot HealthCoping